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Pledgecamp uses blockchain technology to promote trust and cooperation between backers and creators.
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Pledgecamp will give millions of entrepreneurs a new opportunity to connect globally around their projects. For me, that's the vision. That's the dream.
Randi Zuckerberg
CEO, Zuckerberg Media

Pledge With Confidence

Pledgecamp protects investments with Backer Insurance, a smart contract that holds campaign funds in digital escrow.
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Earn Rewards

Earn tokens and help projects succeed by adding your skills to the community. Build real value using only your time.
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Build For Success

Pledgecamp's entrepreneur-friendly features, such as the Campaign Builder and Market Network, empower any good idea to become a viable business.
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Align Incentives

Pledge Coins grant exclusive privileges and facilitate backing campaigns. Unlike on other, centralized platforms, growth on Pledgecamp is created and shared by the token holders themselves.
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Backer Insurance
Creators are financially incentivized to stay on schedule and remain accountable, even after the funding period is over.
Earning Mechanism
Pledge Coins enable automated, blockchain-based payments where users can help the platform grow at the same time as earning tokens themselves.
User Governance
Democratic voting on the blockchain allows users to self-govern and scale the network without centralized constraints.
Campaign Builder
For pros and first timers alike, Pledgecamp's data-driven automation tools help creators build and optimize their campaign pages.
Ecommerce Integrations
Advanced Ecommerce, analytics, and data management integrations allow creators to market their campaigns with superior tools compared to current options.
Market Network
Review, compare, and hire key professional services with blockchain-secured reputation scores and work histories.
Our Advisors
Randi Zuckerberg
CEO, Zuckerberg Media
Keith Teare
Founding Shareholder, TechCrunch
Ryan Scott
Founder, ICO Impact Group
Sungjae Hwang
CEO, FoundationX
Jim Augustine
COO, Zuckerberg Media
Edward Kim
General Partner, CryptoLux Capital
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Our Investors

Our Partners

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Jae Hoon Choi
Leads mission, strategy, business development, and finance. Former investment banker and Product Manager at Ustream (acquired by IBM). B.A Economics with a minor in Business from UC Berkeley on a full scholarship.
Eddie Lee
Leads product, marketing, and operations. Former Financial Analyst at PBS Biotech, co-founder in lieu of attending Columbia Law School. B.S. Business Administration and B.A. Rhetoric from UC Berkeley, Regent's Scholar.
Sam Pullman
Leads blockchain development and technical product architecture. Former Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.
Tatiana Grebennique
Operations Manager
Experienced operations and community manager for startups and non-profits with a passion for marketing, social media, cooking, and photography. Attended school in Moscow. Trilingual.
John Fitzpatrick
Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain development, creator of the popular blockchain-based, real-life scavenger hunt called “Treasure Hunt”. B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.
Darryl Boediarto
UX/UI Designer
Graphic design and branding, UX/UI design, animation, and marketing. Darryl received a B.F.A. in Art with a Graphic Design Concentration from Cal State Fullerton.
Igor Ginzburg
UX/UI Designer
Full stack product design consultant with over a decade of experience helping startups and clients like Groupon, Megastar, ICQ, to create delightful products for Mobile, Desktop, and Web.

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What is Pledgecamp's mission?
We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere, and no one should be denied the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Our mission is to give everyone that opportunity.
Why blockchain?

Blockchain allows strangers across the world to engage in complicated financial transactions within a programmable framework of trust.

Crowdfunding is decentralized funding and innovation that aligns perfectly with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, and it is an industry with key problems in the area of trust.

Pledgecamp utilizes blockchain technology to be the first to offer Backer Insurance, an escrow wallet framework that allows users to self-regulate without requiring intermediaries. A native token also incentivizes engagement with the platform, and aligns all users to act in the interests of the group as a whole. These improvements will be essential to fix crowdfunding as we move together towards a vision of global innovation.

What makes Pledgecamp different?

Pledgecamp may not be the first crowdfunding platform or the first platform to integrate elements of blockchain, but Pledgecamp is the first to focus innovation on the fundamental model itself. Issues of trust and misaligned incentives are as prevalent today as they were a decade ago, and the Pledgecamp team has the crowdfunding experience and the A-list advisory team necessary to tackle the problem.

Some examples include Backer Insurance to protect users, a token-reward driven economy that engages and aligns user incentives, and a focus on supporting entrepreneurs before, during, and after campaigns with services and partnerships that entrepreneurs will not find on other platforms.

What is Backer Insurance?

Backer Insurance is a mechanism that allows backers to hold creators accountable to their delivery promises, or else receive some financial remuneration. It is powered by a smart contract generated by each individual crowdfunding campaign and controlled by the users themselves.

Backer Insurance not only gives backers protection that never existed before, but incentivizes creators to be more prepared and transparent when creating their campaigns in the first place.

Is there an ICO?
There is no public sale or “ICO” concerning Pledgecamp native tokens. Any public pools or sales promising allocation to its members are doing so without any authorization from Pledgecamp, and will be found and shut down. Please be careful that you only seek information from, our official Telegram channel, or from an official team member.
Which exchange do you plan to be on?
We do not discuss questions of exchanges or sale. We are focused on building out our vision and platform with guidance from our legal team.
Where can I learn more about ____?
Please join our Telegram channel, introduce yourself, and ask! A team member or representative will be happy to help, and we may even add your question to this list. Thank you!